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Background Information on Quoiwasmitä and Iarnvith
Part 1 : Devised writings, (English) - PDF
Written during the rehearsals of Iarnvith, based on:
I) objects we used in or for the creation of the performance.

A kitsch tree
The candle holder
The jewelry box
Devised material creative writings
II) emotions
Stories of children fears
III) personal memories
Portraits of our fathers

Part 2 : Sources from folklore - PDF
Cindirella (English)
Hansel and Gretel (English)
Kalevala, Second Rune (English)
Kalevala, Toinen Runo (Finnish)
Iarnvith (English)
La Trimarde (French)
The Trimarde (English)
The oak of Ria (English)
Le chéne de Ria (French)

Part 3: Articles - PDF
Intercultural dialogue, an ideal into practice (English)
Le dialogue interculturel (French)
Applying semiotics to Post mortem (English)
The folks of the forest (English)
The circle of life (English)
Death is a vital question / Notes on E. Kübler-Ross (English)
The Isarnho/Iarnvith, researched & written by Eike Benesch (German)
Iarnvith, Concept paper - pre-production (German)

Part 4: Collecting local folklore and experiences - ZIP (WAV)
Interviews, concerning 4 topics: death (memories , stories, representation), fairytales (importance during childhood), forest (stories, experiences and relationship) and trees (stories, experiences and relationship).
Woman 1, Blagnac/France (French) - 101,1MB
Woman 2, Blagnac/France (French) - 106,46MB
Woman 3, Turku/Finland (Finnish) - 166,06MB

Newspaper Articles & Reviews
Turun Sanomat 11/2010 (Finnish) - PDF
Turun Sanomat 11/2010 (French) - PDF
Julia Hupfeld - KiTa Neustadt, Flensburg (French/English/German) - PDF

Technical Information & Material
Technical Rider (German) - PDF
Poster graphic - JPG
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