Ensemble Quoiwasmitä

The Ensemble
Guest Artists
Quoiwasmitä understand themselves as open ensemble in search for new artistic possibilities and forms of expression, interested both in incorporations of and cooperations with further puppeteers as well as actors / visual artists / musicians / dancers / performers / directors / ensembles from diverse cultural backgrounds. For Iarnvith they cooperate with scenographer Vitalia Samuilova from Vilnius, Lithuania and pianist Cécile Thévenot from Grosmagny, France.

Cécile Thévenot
Besides her work as a musician, Cécile Thévenot grew an interest for performing arts over the past few years. She extends her works on stage beyond the traditional form of concert. Her works are based on the relationships between images and sounds. She inquires more and more the concept of sound-picture or sound-object. At the same time, she develops her practice of improvisation with piano and voice, a research for different tones on the prepared piano. She is particularly drawn by the fine, sensitive and spontaneous dimension of stage improvising.
Currently studying piano at the Music Academy of Turku in the masterclass of Elzbieta Guzeu-Soini.
Graduate at the department of musicology in the Université de Bourgogne, Diploma of Music Studies (DEM) at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique of Dijon.
info [at] quoiwasmita . eu