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The Ensemble:
Quoiwasmitä is a visual puppet theatre group, formed by young European artists who accidentally met in Turku in 2009 and couldn't help but to create experimental performances together, combining objects, puppets, humans and movements. The group investigates life, deeply, exploring the nature of things, observing phenomena that can and cannot be seen, and translates them into puppetry : a language to tell the world without words.

Mariela Canzler
Mariela Canzler plays. She plays with and without puppets. Plays with things that are at hand, in her hand, next to her fingertips or lay on the ground.. She dares things. Things dare her. Who dares the march hare? She plays with and without puppets. Plays „Iarnvith“ and „The monsterous Mothers“, plays „Doll-y“ and ,„Oceantale“, plays sometimes amongst others. She’s Maia Bambul. She lets shadows dance with light. She tells dreamy stories. She’s Sistos wife. Last but not least theres one thing you should know, she’s just a tired bird waiting for chocolate right now.
2005-2010 State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart / Department of Puppetry
2003-2004 Traineeship at Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim/Ruhr / Stage-Building Department
laughter [at] web . de

Perrine Ferrafiat
Perrine was born - as her mother recalls - after spending nine months in a womb. She could have turned out claustrophobic, but she didn't. She grew curious instead and developed a fascination for the Human Nature and the small details that tell it all. Why do people shed tears when onions are killed, and not tomatoes? Who decided that green means "go!" and red means "stop!" ? Why is the world not communist, or at least socialist ?
So, logically, she became a puppeteer.
On stage, she explores ways to tell the world, the emotions and the absurdity of things in a slightly twisted way. She develops a metaphorical language based on the semantic of objects, sounds and movements; letting the images draw emotions in space. The stage is approached as a place to research, to find new languages to tell the world we live in. Experimentation and observation leads her works to unexpected forms. And there is a lot of work to come still.
2008-2012 Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland / Department of Puppetry
2007-2008 Apprenticeship in the company Your man's puppets, Ardrahan, Ireland
2003-2007 Master 1 in French literature, specialisation in Franco-Irish medieval writings
farfadet_51 [at] yahoo . fr

Lena Kießling
"If there was a puppeteer behind every monster, one wouldn't ever need to be afraid in darkness again, because they couldn't fit into cupboards and below beds anymore."
Contiguous to reality, not really in it, but still not yet in the field of the mythological, that's where puppetry fascinates me the most. Where do dream and reality intertwine to tell beautiful, mean, political, lyrical , brutal, touching stories, to make them come alive? That's what I am looking for. With the aid of puppets, objects, sounds, materials, rhythms, old and new stories.
2005-2010 State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart / Department of Puppetry
2009 Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland / Department of Puppetry
lena.kiessling [at] gmx . net

Maija Linturi
For me the most enchanting thing in puppetry is the moment, when dead material becomes alive. It is a wonder I want to experience over and over again – to suprise and be suprised. I’m inspired of the possibilities that lay in puppet theatre as a meeting point of many other art forms. I want to explore, strech and cross its boundaries. I have experience in directing, puppeteering and puppet building in different productions. I’m also a member of Finnish performing company Kalteva Co.
2005-2010 Turku University of Applied Sciences Finland / Department of Puppetry
2003-2005 Puppet theatre studies in Adulta institute of Television and Radio
1998-2001 Helsinki Secondary School of Fine Arts
maijalinturi [at] gmail . com
info [at] quoiwasmita . eu